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     Mac Swan lives in Burlington Vermont with his family and works mostly in the surrounding area, though he travels around the country working with other companies and conducting training in arborist techniques. 


     Mac Swan Tree Care has a number of goals, chiefly to take the best care possible of any trees we have the privilege to work on. We also take every opportunity to educate customers in the value and inner workings of trees. Within the arborist industry, we strive to give other arborists the training they need to climb and work in the safest and most efficient manner possible and help arborist companies educate their workforce and ultimately elevate the industry as a whole.

     One of the benefits of being a small company is being able to have a much smaller environmental impact than our larger peers. We use as few gas-powered machines as possible and have replaced petroleum-based chain lubricant with canola oil in our saws. Most people don't realize that chainsaws spray their lubricating oil in a fine mist as they cut. We also approach tree care in the least invasive manner possible by cutting as little as possible to minimize the impact on the trees themselves while still meeting our customers' needs and goals for their landscapes. 

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