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Pruning trees is an important practice for maintaining tree health and safety.  Whether removing decay or diseased branches or thinning over homes and building, we always consider how to keep costs and impacts low.



Looking for a new tree but not sure what to plant? Need a risk assessment for the tree on your property? Want a long-term plan for sustainable management of mature trees? We can advise you on any aspect of your tree care needs.



Mac Swan Tree Care strives to keep as many trees as possible, but sometimes removal is the best option. Careful planning of removals allows us to optimize safe and efficient practices. Our top priority is the safety of people and property.



Mac Swan Tree Care specializes in advanced climbing techniques and the most current safety practices. With years of experience leading crews on job sites,  facilitating training workshops, and assessing company     we can help you or your crew work safer and more efficently. 

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